Send Faster Global Logistics Payments & Save
… no matter where you and your vendors are located. Maintain a borderless payments wallet & pay anyone on the network in minutes. Plus, enjoy easy multi-currency payments at competitive rates.
BlueX Pay Wallet and Global Accounts
A Modern, International Solution for Payments throughout the Supply Chain
BlueX Pay lets you send global payments in minutes to the vendors who move your cargo. BlueX Pay makes paying your logistics providers faster and cheaper to keep your shipments moving.
Trusted Security
Enterprise-level security and encryption safeguard your data and the integrity of your transactions.
Same-Day Global Payments
Pay on-network vendors in minutes.
Low Transaction Fees
Payments start at $2/transaction.
Network Coverage
Pay vendors globally in over 30 currencies.
Competitive FX Rates
Save money on global bank-to-bank payments.
Multi-Currency Payments
Pay freight cargo charges in your currency or theirs.
Streamlined Payments Dashboard
One simple platform for sending & tracking payments.