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Get Faster Release of your Cargo with quick approval for the funds you need.
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Up to $1,000,000
Get Access to Fast and Flexible Financing to Pay your Logistics Invoices
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How it works
Apply Online
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Submit an Invoice to BlueX
BlueX pays vendors on your behalf
Repayment Net 30 or 60 days later
BlueX debits funds from your designated bank account based on your terms
Our Service Works with the Biggest Logistics Companies
We work with the world's largest ocean carriers and our network is quickly expanding
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The rising costs of our shipping are more manageable thanks to BlueX Pay-it-Later’s funds and payment terms. As a result, we now have the time to effortlessly get our cargo and products to market and pay back our freight expenses. It’s a game-changer for any business struggling with the rising freight costs.
Josephine Huang
President of Soho Kitchen Studio
With BlueX Pay, creating an invoice and getting paid is so fast and simple. We’ve been able to cut time and money spent on payment processing and reconciliation. And of course, BlueX Pay makes our payers’ lives easier, so they love working with us. Being able to offer them a simple and intuitive solution is great for business.
Pohsun Huang
CFO of Tian Rong Logistics, Inc.
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