Get Cargo Released Faster with Global Rapid Payments
Make same-day payments to on-network vendors worldwide for as little as $2/transaction.
Two Ways to Pay
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Fast Payments
Pay an on-network vendor anywhere in the world in minutes for as little as $2/transaction. If needed, settle in the local currency.
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Global Bank Transfer
Vendor doesn’t have a BlueX Pay Wallet yet? Sending a global bank transfer is quick and simple with competitive FX rates.
Store Funds in Your Wallet for Lightning-Fast Payments
Pay globally without waiting on ACH and SWIFT transfers. Get your cargo released ASAP, so your business keeps moving.
Save a Bundle on Fees
Send payments quickly with dramatically reduced fees, starting at as little as $2/transaction. Save on bank transfers with competitive FX rates, too.
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Bank Transfers with Global Coverage
Global coverage makes it easy to explore business opportunities in new places.
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Streamlined Transactions Record
Easily access a list of your payments and the status of each. Track payments from all your local offices in one centralized dashboard.
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