BlueX Pay-it-Later Referral Program
Get paid for every successful transaction that comes from your referral.
For Freight Forwarders
Limited-Time Only: Free Freight Financing
Refer a customer so they can get free financing on freight invoices. Plus, they can get quick access to funds up to $1M with net 30 or 60 day terms on their cargo invoices.
For Individuals and Sales Representatives
Refer & Earn
Refer a customer to BlueX so they can get up to $1M with net 30/60 day terms for their cargo, and you can earn a 5% commission based off the handling fees.
How it Works
Free Sign Up
Sign up on our portal. BlueX will review your information. Once approved, you can log into the portal and start inviting new customers.
Start your Referral
Refer a qualified customer and ask them to submit a Cargo Pay-it-Later invoice on the BlueX platform.
Get Paid
Once the customer pays the invoice back after 30 or 60 days, BlueX will pay your commission.
Manage Everything with Ease
You can keep track of your referral and commission payouts on our BlueX dashboard.
For instance, if your referred customer submits a Cargo Pay-it-Later of $500,000 with a net 60 day term at a 5% handling fee, your commission will be:
Cargo Pay-it-Later
Handling fee
= $1,250
Frequently Asked Questions