49% of Top-performing Businesses in North America Accessed External Financing Solutions for Strategic Business Growth
Created on Jan 22, 2024
Updated on Jan 22, 2024

According to a recent survey by PYMNTS and VISA, in the last year, 7 in 10 North American growing businesses used external working capital solutions – and that number is set to rise to 9 in 10. The same survey also suggests:

  • 72% of North American companies using outside funds saw their business numbers improve. Also, about 9 out of 10 of these companies received better payment terms for their new projects.
  • 49% of the top-performing businesses use working capital solutions for strategic business growth.

For businesses engaged in international trade, the challenges are manifold – ranging from payment risks to foreign exchange fluctuations, among which the paramount importance of cash flow management cannot be overstated. This is where innovative fintech solutions like BlueX come in, tailored to streamline your global trade and help your business grow with the right cash flow strategies.

Understanding the Terrain

1. The Critical Role of Cash Flow Global trade and business operations demand a steady stream of working capital. Particularly for businesses in the supply chain, having immediate access to funds is key to keeping your business running and ensuring profitability.

2. Navigating Risks in Global Trade Several risks can impact cash flow in global trade:

  • Payment Risks: Timely payments from international buyers are crucial yet challenging to guarantee.
  • Contractual and Production Risks: Delays in delivery and issues with material quality can have financial repercussions.
  • Market and Political Risks: Currency fluctuations, regulatory compliance, and political stability are constant variables affecting trade.

3. Cover Expected and Unexpected Cash Flow Shortfalls 25% of top-performing businesses use alternative credit solutions to cover expected cash flow shortfalls. Alternative financing can help you bridge the gap between peak seasons or unforeseen market fluctuations.

Strategizing for Success

1. Use BlueX to Mitigate Risks Our suite of services is designed to address these challenges head-on: Streamlined cash flow management: We help you streamline your payments and solidify your cash flow strategy from a centralized easy-to-use platform. Improved supply chain relationships: You can enhance relationships with your suppliers and customers with on-time payments. Coordinated financial management: BlueX helps your finance department to manage expenditures and cash flow efficiently. Flexible payment terms and collections: With BlueX, you can take advantage of extended payment terms with flexible repayments.

2. Flexible BlueX Solution BlueX products are meticulously crafted to support your business in the global marketplace:

  • Door-to-Door Financing: Manage your cash flow for up to 90 days without immediate investment.
  • Pay-it-Later Cargo & Logistics: We pay your invoices upfront, allowing you more time to pay and grow your cash flow.
  • Fund-Orders-Now: Get your purchase orders financed upfront by BlueX.
  • Get-Paid-Faster: Advance cash on your receivables without the wait.
  • BlueX Wallet: A secure way for vendors and carriers to receive and reconcile funds in multiple countries.

In a world where over 70% of expanding businesses experience enhanced performance from efficient working capital management, it's crucial for companies to explore alternative financing options. Partnering with an expert in global trade, who not only grasps the complexities of international business but also offers supportive tools, is essential. BlueX's financing solutions offer a dependable platform for managing cash flow, enabling you to master your cash flow strategies and bolster your business operations for both growth and stability.